Celebrities are revealing their humbling first jobs to show there’s hope for all of us

Celebrities are revealing their humbling first tasks to show there’s hope for all of us. Photos by Montcalir Film/Flickr and LinJurveston/Flickr. Nobody begins at the top. Unless, of course, they come in a wealthy and connected family, plus they get to skip all the life lessons on the road to success. Virtually everyone else starts off somewhere near the floor. There are a lot of factors that determine how successful one is going to become. Research published in the Journal of Organizational Behaviorfound the biggest predictor of success is emotional intelligence. Interpersonal competence, self-awareness, and social consciousness are the best predictors of long-term success. Folks have been sharing how they have improved in their professions on Twitter under #firstsevenjobs. A set of highly-successful celebrities chimed in, showing how they began in low-paying tasks like a dishwasher or car-detailer before, ultimately, getting rich and famous. Before he knew the world was hungry for people knocking about states’ rights and the Compromise of 1790,”Hamilton” creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, functioned a slushie machine.

21 C.H.U.D. Shriek@Lin_ManuelSlushee machine at my aunt’s shop Intern for WNETMcD’s. . .registerData entryDrawing 1 version Community newspaper author Teacher8:04 AM – Aug 7, 2016

Twitter Ads info and solitude  class=”            tweet-informationcircle–bottom tweet-informationcircle” data-scribe=”element:notice”>To believe, there are people around who can say they purchased a futon off Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert@StephenAtHome

construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library information entry, futon frame manufacturer, futon salesman, waiter

10:34 PM – Aug 7, 2016

Twitter Advertising info and solitude  class=”            tweet-informationcircle–bottom tweet-informationcircle” data-scribe=”element:notice”>There’s no method when Buzz Aldrin was washing dishes he thought he’d make it into the moon. Dish washerCamp counselorFighter pilotAstronautCommandantSpeakerAuthorToday Global Space Statesman! 11:15 PM – Aug 7, 2016

Twitter Ads info and privacy class=”            tweet-informationcircle–bottom tweet-informationcircle” data-scribe=”element:notice”>Before getting the host of CNN’s”United Shades of America,” W. Kamu Bell was dishing out replicas of Cherry Garcia at Ben and Jerry’s.

W. Kamau Bell@wkamaubellNewspaper standJanitor, my high schoolfaculty work studyMichael Jordan retail storeCondom ShopBen & Jerry’sVideo Store9:13 AM – Aug 7, 2016

Twitter Advertising info and solitude  class=”            tweet-informationcircle–bottom tweet-informationcircle” data-scribe=”element:notice”>Prior To Monica Lewinsky became a Women’s rights advocate, she was formerly an unpaid intern in the White House in the’90s.

Art trader (age 8)lemonade standtoy-o-ramaknot store (LA)knot shop (OR)@WhiteHouse @ThePentagon

5:24 PM – Aug 6, 2016

Twitter Advertising info and privacy class=”            tweet-informationcircle–bottom tweet-informationcircle” data-scribe=”element:notice”>Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino (“The Mighty Aphrodite”) learned how to speak Chinese and bartend before becoming famous.

Mira Sorvino@MiraSorvino

BabysitterESL teacher in BeijingDuplicate editorWaitressScript readerBartenderChinese tutor

10:39 PM – Aug 7, 2016

Twitter Ads info and solitude  class=”            tweet-informationcircle–bottom tweet-informationcircle” data-scribe=”element:notice”>”House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon was an ace at ridding down your dash Armor All before anyone knew what binge-watching meant.

Beau Willimon@BeauWillimon

1. Movie Theater2. Busboy3. Car Detailer4. Plastics Factory5. SAT Prep Teacher6. Barista7. Campaign staff…15. TV

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