Couples Maternity Photo Shoot Takes Bloody Twist When Alien Baby Rips Through Moms Belly

Couple’s Maternity Photo Shoot Takes Bloody Twist When’Alien Baby’ Rips Through Mother’s Belly

Todd and Nicole Cameron decided they wanted their own maternity photo shoot to genuinely capture the magic of welcoming their firstborn child.The excited parents-to-be out of British Columbia led to a nearby pumpkin patch to take their photographs. Their photographer, Li Carter, agreed it would result in the best setting.The photo shoot began like many others. Todd and Nicole took their place from the pumpkin patch, and Li began snapping away.The first pictures showed them wrapped together under an umbrella and relaxing on a blanket that they placed on the muddy ground.But as you’re going to see, things quickly took a peculiar and bloody turn…Credits: Photographer / Li Carter @happysqueakSince we’re in the thick of autumn, the couple from British Columbia chose a pumpkin patch created for the ideal setting.Their photographer, Li Carter, agreed.The day started off as normal as could be.Li Carter / Todd Cameron / FacebookDuring the hour-long photo shoot, the happy couple posed together under an umbrella since it started to drizzle.It was a cold day, and the ground was wet and muddy.While Todd held a large pumpkin, Nicole cradled her giant baby bump with pride.Li Carter / Todd Cameron / FacebookAfterwards, Todd uploaded a series of the finished photos on Facebook.”Well, you won’t believe what happened DURING OUR MATERNITY SHOOT!!!” He composed.You are going to see why.One of the photos showed Nicole going into labor, right there at the center of the photo shoot!Li Carter / Todd Cameron / FacebookTodd looked concerned as his spouse grimaced in pain.The contractions were strong for this one!Nicole laid herself down to the blanket, preparing to give birth, as a strange pointed silhouette started protruding out of her belly.Li Carter / Todd Cameron / FacebookTodd looked down at his wife’s belly in dread, totally oblivious concerning what he had been about to see.And then, with a bloody burst, the”baby” started to tear through Nicole’s pink dress.And what do you understand…The gruesome scene appeared like the infamous alien-birthing minute from the 1979 classic horror film, Alien.Li Carter / Todd Cameron / FacebookOops! The toddler immediately made a slippery escape to the pumpkin patch.The new dad scrambled to grab up to his unborn child.Li Carter / Todd Cameron / FacebookPhew! Nicole was so grateful to get her baby back into her arms.She and Todd were proud, regardless of their infant’s unconventional look.Li Carter / Todd Cameron / FacebookTodd even fed his new baby a nice bottle of blood.He is such a great dad!OK, OK. The photo shoot was obviously planned in advance from the couple, and their creative (and gory) maternity photos are going viral.Nicole is indeed pregnant with their first kid.  Human child.It’s no surprise that Todd and Nicole absolutely adore Halloween. Not a year goes by that they do not dress up in fitting costumes and decorate their house with all things spooky. In fact, they met on Halloween.Once they agreed on a maternity shoot that honored their love of Halloween, Todd conceived the entire narrative line, accumulated the flames, and carved the alien”pod” with painstaking detail.”Our chests are bursting with love for our new addition!” He composed on Facebook.

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