In honor of Nia Wilson, Anne Hathaway wrote a fiery Instagram post about white privilege

Photo through Anne Hathaway/Instagram; wyeshawatts/Instagram.

Nia Wilson had large dreams.

Like a lot of teenagers, the 18-year-old loved to sing and rap. Wilson hoped to become a lawyer and start her own makeup brand a single day. But regrettably, those ambitions were put to an end.On July 22, 2018, when Wilson and her two sisters were stepping from the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train in Oakland, California, she was stabbed to death by a white guy.Her departure caused an uproar throughout the nation.  In her statement offering condolences to Wilson’s family, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf made a note concerning the”tragic and deeply racist history” from the United States. From mass protests from Oakland to social media articles, celebrities and ordinary people alike have been expressing their anxieties and frustrations with racism.One of these actors to honor Wilson is Anne Hathaway.

In a compelling Instagram post, Hathaway nailed the importance of checking white privilege.

As a white star, it’s valuable for someone with her influence to speak against the violence girls of colour need to fear every single day.”White people — like me, including you — have to take into the marrow of our privileged bones that ALL black people fear for their own lives DAILY in America and have done so for GENERATIONS,” Hathaway wrote at the post she uploaded to July 25. “White people DO NOT have equivalence with this fear of violence”But as Hathaway pointed out, white men and women must do more than just”admit” their rights. Not in our intent, but in our activities?   In our absence of activity?”

Hathaway’s observation concerning the violence women of color often face is true — and also a horrific reality.

On July 7, a white man spat on and pushed a Korean woman toward a railway in Brooklyn. According to a Facebook post accompanying the movie footage of the incident, the anonymous white man told the woman to”get the fuck out of my nation.”In May 2017, the other white person began screaming anti-Muslim epithets at a teenaged girl and her buddy while riding a commuter train in Portland, Oregon. The guy ended up stabbing three guys, killing two, for protecting the women.The Commission on Human Rights released a June 2018 report that demonstrated 1 in 4 Muslim women stated they were pushed to the subway platform while sporting their headscarf. One of these examples include an incident in December 2016 if a Muslim girl had been pushed down the stairs in a NYC subway and known as a terrorist.<informative article class=”MediaCardMediaCard–mediaForwardCustomisable-border” dir=”ltr” data-scribe=”component:card”>

Although it may seem to be a straightforward social media article, it is crucial for other actors to join Hathaway within their public criticisms of white privilege.

Together with countless followers, Hathaway has decided to tell her community which we could no longer decide to ignore racial violence when it occurs.As opposed to divert our attention way from it, it’s time for us to face racism head on.

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