She visited Snow White every year of her childhood. We dare you to look at these reunion pics without crying

She visited’Snow White’ each year of her childhood. We beg you to look at such reunion pics without yelling. Amber Shaddock Roberts was able to pay a visit to Disneyland every year for a child. And from ages 2 to 15, she stopped to say hello and take pictures with all the woman who was dressed as Snow White.Amber Shaddock Roberts/FacebookAmber Shaddock Roberts/Facebook

Roberts states the park employee remembered her by name every calendar year, something which made her annual visits much more bewitching.

Fast forward a few years and Roberts discovered the woman who depicted Snow White was still working at Disneyland, just now portraying the Fairy Godmother. Roberts managed to track her down and brought her photograph album of the shared memories . What ensued was pure, magical bliss. Just as Roberts wrote in her FB post:

When I was 2 years old, I met Snow White. She made my Disney youth so incredibly charming. I have not seen her in person since, but I knew she was now the Fairy Godmother. Now I tracked down her & got to kiss her throat. Best day ever!! (And yes I cried)

Amber Shaddock Roberts/FacebookAmber Shaddock Roberts/FacebookAmber Shaddock Roberts/Facebook We hear you. Is that fairy dust in our eyes? And thus does the world. The article has been up on Facebook for 24 hours and has been shared over 80,000 days with no indication of slowing .

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