She was a White House stenographer for 5 years. Working with Trump made her quit

She had been a White House stenographer for five years. Working together with Trump made her quit. Now this job is in the front line in the struggle for truth and democracy. Recording and transcribing the president’s conversations with the press wasn’t assumed to be a glamorous task. However, when Dorey-Stein wasn’t permitted to perform it properly, the impact was profound. She said she quit her job after White House officials made it difficult to record President Donald Trump’s discussions with the media, which consequently resulted in inaccurate or incomplete transcripts. That is bad both for the history books and for the current time, once the debate over exactly what a president has or has not said can dominate the day’s information and affect public policy. “That is really important, to have a precise recording at all times, especially when the press is involved, simply to be certain we are recording the facts and that no one has complicated that,” Dorey-Stein explained.

Accurate records are vital for everyone — not just Trump critics. Among the very few things most Americans may agree on is their belief that the”other side” is distorting the truth. When it comes to her previous occupation, Dorey-Stein is obviously placing the attribute with Trump and his White House. In a current op-ed, she wrote,”It is apparent the White House stenographers don’t serve his government, but instead his adversary: the reality.” However, having accurate records is something that she says Trump supporters should care about equally as much.

“It ends up President Trump does not like to get a microphone close to his face. We found that out early on. My boss went to the media office and they were like’you can not have a microphone anywhere near his head.'”

What did the president say and when did he say it?

It’s wrong for the administration to block this type of basic but fundamental task — listing the president’s words for the official record.Stenography isn’t the flashiest of professions, but it has become more crucial than ever in the White House.Ensuring the public has a dependable and factual accounts of what the president did or didn’t say to the press goes a long way toward restoring faith in our institutions and those who work to maintain the powerful accountable.

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