Wife Shares Story Of Husbands Man Flu And Women Everywhere Roll Their Eyes In Solidarity

Wife Shares Story Of Husband’s’Man Flu’ And Women Everywhere Roll Their Eyes In Solidarity

It’s formally flu season, so it is also Man Flu season. Even if you don’t know that phrase, you certainly understand the Man Flu experience. It is when a man contracts the flu — or even a cold, or any other illness, really — and proceeds to behave like his own life is in grave danger. He pouts. He groans. And when he’s blogger Sydney Waters’ husband, then he really asks you to call 911 and take him into the hospital. For your influenza!Sydney and her husband, Ty, had a particularly harrowing Person Flu experience one day a few years ago that led to puke everywhere, totally made-up symptoms, and a trip to the hospital.”I watched my husband change right before my eyes, stumbling around saying he is going to puke,” Sydney wrote. “The minute he says he is feeling sick my eyes roll in the back of my mind and touch my spine. Immediate dread.”The narrative went viral following being picked up by Love What Matters. Honestly, if you’ve ever taken care of any sick man ever, Sydney’s narrative will hit close to home. Maybe a bit too near home. Why are guys like this?Strollin With My Homies / FacebookSydney Waters and her husband Ty both came down with the flu at the exact same time. Except while Sydney had the regular flu, Ty had the Individual Flu.You knowthe kind that completely debilitates men and turns them into helpless babies for no apparent reason.Sydney hilariously recapped the whole experience on her website, Strollin With My Homies.It all began one evening at 2014, when Sydney was 9 months pregnant while also caring for the 6-month-old daughter. It had been flu season, a season that Sydney dreads annually as it means Man Flu is forthcoming.”As certain as the sun rises and places I will count on him to be wholly useless for a solid week if he so much as sneezes,” she explained.And sure enough, 1 day the inevitable thing happened. She felt nauseous all day. And then so did her husband.“The minute he says he is feeling sick my eyes automatically roll in the back of my head and touch my backbone,” she wrote. Sydney encouraged Ty to visit the bathroom and puke in the bathroom if he needed to, but instead, he puked pretty much everywhere else. The sink. The tub. And he had been JUST GETTING STARTED.Paramount Pictures / Giphy“He places on the ground with his eyes closed and starts moaning’Syd. Syyydd. I can’t. I can’t watch….'” Sydney wrote.”Oh Jesus so now he can’t see? Is that a joke. He has a flu symptom which doesn’t even exist. Really I can’t. Where is this dudes mom.”Now, Ty”played dead like a possum” and whispered to Sydney to please call 911. As from the ambulance. For the influenza.”Do you need me to phone 911??? I am tired. You’re telling me I will pick up the telephone and say this is an emergency. You know they’re likely to really come here RIGHT? Right? I am gonna do it. I’m dead ,” she said.Getty ImagesUpon realizing that the paramedics were actually coming in real life, Ty realized that he’d probably know one of these, since he’s a first responder himself. He jumped up to change his trousers, and by the time the paramedics got there, things had changed a bit. All of a sudden he can speak . He could walk again. He could even see again enjoy a Christmas miracle.”Sydney had to push behind the ambulance and check into the hospital. Luckily, the physicians totally understood what was going on. (Meanwhile, Sydney was also admitted since she was, y’understand, pregnant and had the influenza, which is dangerous.)”The nurses continue coming in to provide me the I am so sorry appearance. The nod all women know. When someone says their guy is sick we take a moment of silence for each other. Nevertheless, it didn’t end there. After the trip home, Sydney discovered a new batch of her husband’s litter to clean up. She was, obviously, furious.”I made him wear one of those bird flu masks and didn’t talk to him for a solid 3 days,” she explained.However, Sydney’s husband isn’t the only person who acts dramatic when he is sick. Far from it. The story recently went viral Facebook, where other girlfriends, wives, and mothers chimed in with their own adventures of their Man Flu and similar ailments.Love What Things / FacebookWhether it’s the flu, a broken bone, or another injury or illness, you can rely on a man to behave like a complete baby about it.Enjoy What Things / FacebookApparently, this form of behavior begins really young, also.Love What Things / Facebook1 mom chimed in with some advice that should absolutely be applied to man-babies of all ages.Love What Things / FacebookSince this is far too much effort for any woman to be placing into, let alone a pregnant woman who’s also sick!Sydney’s narrative had some girls praising the heavens they’re solitary.Love What Things Because husbands are cool and all, but Man Flu is actually not. So just stop it, guys. Please?

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